Microform Scanning Services Sydney

Microfilm2Scan is a microfilm digitisation service for scanning any microform: both 16mm & 35mm microfilm, aperture card and microfiche. These may be retrieved as single and multi-page PDF documents with text-recognition and search capabilities, or as TIFF images.

Aperture Cards

Punch cards with a 35mm film mounted in a hole in the card like an aperture within the card.
The aperture cards are usually large format plans, drawings, drainage diagrams, as constructed drawings, architectural drawings, etc.


The aperture cards are in two distinctive colours:

  • Beige — these are originals with silver halide film
  • Salmon — these are duplicates, usually on diazo film, and are the mirror image of the original.


 16mm microfilm comes in three form factors:

  • open reels, 3M cartridges — an enclosed cartridge with an open
    area for a hub instead of a spindle
  • ANSI cartridges — an enclosed cartridge with a spindle hole through the centre.

35mm Roll Film it is always open reel and is available on three types of film:

  • Silver Halide — both a camera master and a secure copy
  • Diazo — low cost copy of the original
  • Vesicular — usually a positive for ease of reading


Both step and repeat and COM can be scanned into electronic documents.

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