At Scan2Archive the whole scanning process has been Quality Accredited and audited to AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015 standard. We follow stringent project management processes to ensure the most accurate and timely results are achieved. Whether it’s scanning medical records, invoices, customer contracts, development applications, engineering plans, leather bound books, microfilm or aperture cards, Scan2Archive employ tried and tested digitisation workflow.


Your digitisation needs are unique. We listen in order to understand your requirements and expectations. Where possible, we prefer to visit you and understand first hand the requirements for your scanning project. This allows us to recommend the most efficient way to transform your paper records into functional digital files.


Scan2Archive offer a secure document collection service using our own drivers and company vehicles. We also have access nationally to sensitive transport operators for reliable and safe freight forwarding of your documents.



Batch header sheets are used for every box to track file, page and image count. Internal Quality Control processes are followed to track every box and file through each of the digitisation stages. The preparation stage can include the following:


  • Audit box against box list
  • Remove documents from the boxes / sleeves / clips / rings etc
  • Unfold corners and pages
  • Remove staples/clips
  • Repair any paper tears
  • Place Post-It notes in a vacant space or remove if blank
  • Place the pages back in their boxes for document scanning


  • Remove the plans from the folders
  • Unfold and back roll the plans to remove tight curl on leading edge
  • Unfold corners and repair tears as required, using archival tape
  • Remove dust and dirt particles to prevent scan lines on the image
  • Highly fragile plans are placed inside a protective sleeve for scanning


Document scanning – each page is hand-fed through the scanner to reduce mis-feeds and double feeds. Plan scanning – each plan is hand-fed for maximum care and quality output.

The scanned images are viewed on calibrated hi-res monitors and re-scanned if quality control standards are not met. Images are straightened, rotated, cropped, colour corrected (if needed) and blank pages removed.

Scanned samples are forwarded to you for approval before we proceed with complete batch scans.

File-naming and Indexing

An index specification is created to determine the best methodology used to find and retrieve your documents. This can be from a simple filename to several index fields for importing into a database. These index files are usually Comma Separated Value (CSV), Excel spreadsheets or XML files.

Forms Processing

Using advanced character recognition software and stringent quality control checks, we extract data from scanned records and provide it in digital form. This is extremely valuable when processing large volumes of similar documents (eg Invoices, time sheets, sales orders).

Data Entry

Our team of highly skilled staff are capable of accurate and fast data entry. This service takes the stress away of hiring and training temporary staff in your business for short term contracts. Scan2Archive data entry services connect seamlessly into the scanning project for minimal downtime and total ownership of project deliverables.


Scanned records can be placed back in their original order within the boxes or packaging they were received in. If documents were removed from plastic sleeves to be scanned for example, they can be re-inserted in their plastic sleeves at the completion of scanning and quality control.

Digital Delivery

Scanned files and associated digital assets are made available via a secure FTP link. Additionally, Scan2Archive can provide access via online file sharing services or deliver a portable hard drive directly to you.

Secure Destruction

Once we have received your approval to shred documents, they are securely stored at Scan2Archive’s scanning facility for 8 weeks and then industrially shredded and pulped to NSW Government standards, a certificate of destruction is provided.

Secure Return

Scan2Archive offer a secure document return service using our own drivers and company vehicles. We also have access nationally to sensitive transport operators for reliable and safe freight forwarding of your documents.

Secure Data Storage

Even after all images and data has been delivered to you, Scan2Archive can retain a mirrored back-up of your files on our secure servers as another layer of redundancy.