Employee records are generally held in manila folders in locked filing cabinets. The files may have dividers for items such as Employment Agreements, Performance Reviews, and other Correspondence.

As the files are accessed regularly by HR staff, Scan2Archive offer a “Scan-on Demand” service while the files are in our possession.

This means you can have access to a file within 2 hours if required at short notice. Scan2Archive’s digitisation service covers the entire process as shown below:

  • Collection of files from filing cabinets, shelving, compactus storage and packing into archive boxes
  • Preparation of files including removal of staples, clips and repositioning of “Post-it” notes.
  • Scanning with high resolution state of the art Document Scanners.
  • Each Employee record can be output to 1 PDF file and indexed as per the Employee name and/or ID number.
  • Records can also be split and output to individual PDF files for sections such as “Employment Agreement”, “Performance Reviews”, “Correspondence”, “Leave” etc.
  • Data extraction of Employee Name, Employee Number, DOB, Address.
  • Secure destruction or secure return of original files.