We understand how busy and complex the school environment can be and how essential it is to have the ability to access your employee and student records both past and present, plus various other documents/records schools must keep. We have been assisting schools across Australia to digitise their files for many years and have perfected a safe, secure and easy solution to quickly and efficiently retrieve those records that need securing indefinitely.

Scan2Archive are a government approved supplier and follow strict internal processes based on ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assurance framework. That’s why we offer an end-to-end solution from secure transportation of your important and in most cases confidential records through to digital image transfer delivered back to you on either USB or hard drive.

Here are some of the schools that we helped in digitising their files:


We do bulk scanning of historical school records and then scheduled 6 monthly or yearly scanning to ensure new records are also digitised. Our team can prepare and scan files from lever arch folders, manila folders, copy paper boxes, bankers boxes, archive boxes, A4 envelopes, box files, bound diaries and sign on books.

Over many years, a school’s paper archives outgrow available storage. Enrolment forms, School reports, Sign-on books, diaries, payroll files and school financial records are often filed in areas where-ever physical space can be found. Sometimes, these areas are not secure. With minimal disruption to school operations, Scan2Archive staff can pack and collect sensitive files from storage rooms and transport them securely to our scanning facility for preparation and scanning. Once digitised, files can be securely stored on school servers and accessed instantly when required.

As many school records are accessed regularly by the office team, Scan2Archive offer a “Scan-on Demand” service while the files are in our possession. This means you can have access to a file within 2 hours if required at short notice. Scan2Archive’s digitisation service covers the entire process as shown below:

  • Collection of files from filing cabinets, shelving, compactus storage and packing into archive boxes.
  • Preparation of files including removal of staples, clips and repositioning of “Post-it” notes.
  • Scanning with high resolution state of the art Document Scanners.
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for text searching.
  • Each Employee/Student record can be output to 1 PDF file and indexed as per the Employee/Student Name and/or ID number.
  • Records can also be split and output to individual PDF files for sections such as “Employee/Student ID Page”, “Doctors Certificates”, “Councillor Notes”, etc.
  • Data extraction of Staff/Student, ID Number, DOB, Address.
  • Secure destruction or secure return of original files.